How to use Google ChatBot: Bard AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained momentum over the years, becoming more present in our daily lives. It’s used in social media algorithms, virtual assistants, and chatbots. The latest AI turning heads in the tech industry is the new Google Chatbot: Bard AI- changing how we interact with machines.

The development of Bard AI was a response to the success of chatbots such as ChatGPT, which have gained worldwide attention and have become viral internet sensations. Here is what you need to know about Google Bard, including how to access and use it.

What is Google Bard AI?

Bard AI, which belongs to the LaMDA family of large language models, is a sophisticated conversational AI chatbot developed by engineers at Google. This Google ChatBot was created in response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and released in a limited capacity in March 2023.

The Google ChatBot is available only in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Interested users need to sign up for a waitlist to get an invitation.

With Bard, users can enjoy seamless communication through a human-like dialogue with an AI-powered chatbot. The possibilities for businesses to improve customer service, streamline processes, create engaging content, and enhance engagement are endless. 

Google Bard AI

How to access Google Bard AI

Are you looking to try out the latest AI chatbot from Google? To access the experimental version of Google Bard, follow these steps:

·Go to the official Google Bard website

·  Click on the blue “Join waitlist” button to add your name to the waitlist 

·You will receive a confirmation message from informing you that you’ve been added to the waitlist

·You will get an email with the subject “It’s your turn to try Bard” when
it’s your opportunity to test Bard

You must have a personal Google account to join the experimental version. If you need to switch Google accounts, use the profile button at the top-right corner of the Google Bard page. Note that Google Bard doesn’t allow users with Google Workspace accounts or users who are under 18 years old to sign up.

Only user accounts in the United States or the United Kingdom can sign up for Google Bard. Google will, however, make it available in other countries at some point in the future. By using a VPN and setting your server location to either the US or UK, you may bypass this restriction and make it appear that your Google account is in one of these countries. Choosing a reliable and effective VPN to access Google Bard is essential.

How to use Google Bard AI

If you’re eager to use Google Bard, here is a step-by-step process of accessing the website and instructions on how to use the AI chatbot. You will learn how to access the Google Bard website, create a prompt, interact with the AI model, and give feedback to improve its responses.

Access the Google Bard Website

Once you try out the new Google Bard, you will receive an email from “Bard, an AI experiment” with the subject line “It’s your turn to try Bard.” Once you click on the email, you will see a blue “take it for a spin button” redirecting you to the Google Bard website. Once you agree to Google’s terms and conditions, you can log in and continue with your authorized Google account. You will be greeted with Bard’s user interface, where you can type your prompts/questions. 

Type your prompts

The platform has a simple interface with a chat window where you can input your prompts, similar to other AI chatbots like Bing’s or ChatGPT. You can ask it questions or give instructions by typing or using the microphone button to speak. Google Bard typically provides a complete response in seconds instead of ChatGPT, where you can see it coming up with the answer in real-time.

If you need more options or a different response, you can click “View other drafts” to see other potential responses to your prompt. Google ChatBot Bard also provides sample prompts to help familiarize you with the platform’s capabilities, such as “Draft a packing list for my weekend fishing and camping trip.” The left-hand menu includes the following options:

  • “Reset chat” to clear the chat history
  • “Bard Activity” to control saved chatbot activity associated with your Google account. You will need to log in again to access your prompt activity. Once logged in, you can scroll through and delete your Bard activity
  •  “FAQ” button that takes you to the FAQ

Give feedback

Google Bard’s AI writing capabilities are constantly evolving, and it may not be able to answer every question or provide a perfect response every time. However, as more people use the platform and provide feedback, they will continue to learn and improve. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can submit it through the “Feedback” option on the left menu.

All prompts submitted to the AI model are logged for training purposes. You can help improve its responses by giving a thumbs up or down to its answers. This will help the AI learn and tailor its responses more effectively. If you cannot find the answer to your query, click the “Google it” option to search for information online.

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Google Bard is the revolutionary new Google ChatBot that allows businesses to streamline processes, create engaging content and enhance engagement with its AI tech and language abilities. To access Google Bard AI, visit the official Google Bard website and add your name to the waitlist.

Once you try it out, you can access the Bard website, create a prompt, interact with the AI model, and give feedback to improve its responses. With its learning model from user feedback, Bard will continuously improve its responses and generate more accurate and relevant content over time.

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