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Why You Need Legal Content Writing Services

To show expertise

Consistent publications such as blogs and legal content in your niche, will differentiate your law firm from competitors and establish you as an authority in the market. Receive top notch lawyer blog topics from our legal writers

To demonstrate trust and transparency to new clients

Writing law content allows your clients to feel more connected to your business. Client’s feel seen and appreciated when you highlight some of their problems through attorney content you post or publish.

Building long lasting relationship with your clients

Research shows that 49% of individuals research on the internet before hiring a lawyer. When you provide actionable law content potential clients won’t hesitate to seek you for legal services.

Our expert legal content writers draw a combination of a background and digital marketing expertise. Here is how:

Top-notch content from legal blog ghostwriters that is complaint to industry standard in-house editing practices. From brainstorming creation to delivery, we keep you in the loop of what our legal blog writing team is up to.

To boost your SEO for your law firm, publish engaging legal blog content. That’s why we offer the best legal blog writing services on the planet. Work with one of our content marketing strategists for a content plan and receive the best legal blog writing service on the planet.

Legal blog writing requires expertise, creativity, knowledge, and objectivity. Our team of writers comprises attorneys, lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries.

Law Firms We Write For

• Personal Injury

• Medical Malpractice

• Insurance

• Tax Law

• Immigration Law

• Property & Real Estate

• Construction

• Civil Litigation

• Labor and Employment

• Criminal Defense

• Elder Law

• Family Law

Legal Content Types We Curate for our Clients

•Legal Blog Posts

• Legal Website Copy

• Topic Ideation for Legal Subjects

• Legal Content Repurposing

• Legal Article Writing

• Legal Long Form Content

• Legal FAQs

• Legal Content for social media


Injury law, family law and corporate law are the most popular topics we write on for our clients. However, we write for any practice area we are requested upon. We have a diverse pool of clients from enterprise law firms that are operate internationally to solo practitioners.

You should write content that captivates your audience! We cover different law content types such as articles, blogs, news, social media posts, FAQs etc. Our legal content writers can tackle any topic or content type.

We have a diverse pool of content writers. For our client’s legal content, we assign former attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, and masters of law students. All content is handed over to the legal editing team where they edit, rewrite and/or expand on what has been already written.

Yes. We white write for agencies that provide legal blog writing services to their clients. 

Yes. You own 100% rights of the content you buy from us. We do not reserve the right to hold the content for purchase by another client or publish it in any of our platforms.

Our team of expert legal content writers is urged to submit plagiarism free content. However, we screen all curated legal content vigorously throughout all the writing, editing to the delivery phase of any content material for our clients.  

When writing about certain topics that pertain to specific regions, our writers typically utilize location-specific resources such as state or municipal laws, rulings from state courts of appeals, or local publications.

Depending on the client’s preferences, we may provide in-depth legal analysis of cases or conduct research on laws, or we may take a more timeless approach by incorporating current events, discussions, policy arguments, or unique and bizarre occurrences that are commonly encountered in the legal field.