Link building, for both internal and external links, is more critical in web pages than you can imagine. Besides helping internet users easily navigate the web, they also inform search engines that your site is relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative. 

Think of it as a popular vote. Getting more votes means more people believe in you than your competitors. Similarly, if you have quality links on your website, search engines will regard you as popular and credible and rank your site high. 

So, how do you earn quality backlinks? Here are the powerful link-building strategies you should use to boost your landing page SEO.

Create Valuable Content

If you’ve been in content marketing for a while, you must have heard the phrase, ‘Content is king.’ It’s the only thing that connects you with your target audience. 

Creating quality content positions you as an authority and naturally earns links from other trustworthy sites. This, in turn, helps you to rank favorably on search engines. 

You should always aim to provide comprehensive answers to people’s questions through videos, infographics, blog posts, articles, or any other form of content. 

After adding any content to your website, post it on social media to increase the number of people who see it. As more people have access to your content, they share it on their digital platforms, increasing your visibility.

Reach Out to Industry Influencers and Bloggers

Influencers and bloggers enjoy massive followings and can be vital in building your links should you get access to their audiences. 

Reach out to those in your industry and send them your content for sharing. Start by conducting an online search to identify people that have covered a topic similar to yours. Write a list of everyone you aim to work with and find their email addresses. You can use tools such as Rapportive to find and verify the emails of everyone you desire to contact.

Create your emails and send them to your prospects. Make sure to emphasize the value your content will provide them. Explain to them how sharing your content will help their brand’s image.

Offer to Write Guest Blog Posts

Posting on authoritative websites is perhaps the best SEO link-building strategy to increase your online visibility as it grants you immediate access to new audiences.

Authoritative websites are widely-known sites that continuously offer valuable content, which many people believe and reference in their work. They can be, among others:

       Government organizations

       Giant news outlets

       Niche-specific sites

       Businesses sites

       Educational platforms

       Not-for-profit organizations

Some of the most common ones include Forbes, HuffPost, HubSpot, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CDC, Outbrain, and SitePoint

To guest post, start by identifying sites you’d like to work with and reach out to their moderators or owners.

Always confirm if the company has a guest posting policy and ensure your pitch matches their guidelines and linking policy. Most pages only allow you one or two links to your site in every post.

Then, begin crafting high-quality posts and submit them for publishing. You really have to give your best to get a spot on those sites.

Writing such posts is demanding in terms of time and effort. You can reach an expert to help you periodically compose compelling guest posts that align with your host’s brand at whichever scale.

In the end, you earn quality links to your website, establish yourself as an authority in your industry, grow your audience, and build your network.   

Use Broken Link-Building

In a random analysis of about 150,000 websites, Semrush found out that 40.5 percent of them contained broken external links. That means there are so many others out there, and it’s an opportunity you can seize to boost your SEO.  

Find broken links on other trustworthy blogs or websites, alert the owners, and suggest replacing them with relevant content on your page. 

Most site owners or managers will not mind linking to your content after helping them find a problem in their site. After all, you’d have helped them fix dead links. 

Once they accept to use your links, you’ll start getting more traffic from their audience and improve your rankings on search engines. Win-win.

Use tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer to identify broken links in specific pages.

Monitor Your Competitor's Backlinks

Identifying backlinks that are working for your competitors helps you implement the same to increase your visibility.

Tools such as Open Site Explorer aid in identifying backlinks to your competitor’s site-they provide good backlinks for SEO.

Understanding backlinks that are working for your competitors helps you adapt your strategy. If they obtain links from a specific site, you could approach the page to link to your website, increasing your online presence.

Sign up For Conferences and Events

Networking with people in your industry could potentially earn you backlinks. 

Sign up for different conferences and events with people in your industry. You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about your industry and meet people that take your link-building strategies to the next level. 

Here are events and conferences that are relevant to multiple industries: 

● The Entrepreneur’s summit. This is a three-day event where entrepreneurs from around the globe come together to share stories and advice.

● TED. These are a series of conferences covering a wide range of business, technology, and political topics. 

● The American Express OPEN Forum. It includes events covering different business topics.

● The Small Business Expo. This annual event offers a platform for small businesses to learn from industry leaders.

Get Interviewed on Podcasts

Podcast Interviews offer a great way to reach a new audience and build your credibility. 

Reach out to your favorite industry podcasts and check if they would be interested in hosting you. They will include a link to your website in the podcast description, increasing your reach. 

Use HARO Link Building

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is one of the top link-building strategies to get links from high-quality websites. This platform connects you with journalists that need sources for their stories.

To use HARO services, sign up for an account. Pitch your ideas to different journalists, and they will contact you if interested.

Whenever a journalist uses your information in their story, they link to your website. This increases your SEO rankings and visibility in search engines. 

Start Building Your Links Today

The above link-building strategies are some of the best to help boost your landing page SEO. Deciding which ones to adopt is one thing and implementing them is another.

SEO Markers can help you to develop an ideal link-building strategy. We will analyze your backlinks, identify the type of articles you should create, write them for you, find a list of websites to share your content with, and circulate your content, among other things.

Reach out for clarifications, questions, or help to get started. We will gladly walk with you in your link-building journey and see you rank high on search engines. 

Becky Wright

Becky Wright is a digital strategist and content manager with over 10 years experience as a digital marketer.


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